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Local Conference of Youth

LCOY is an event under the umbrella of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Its aims are to be a space to boost youth climate action locally and create an input into the international conferences. It represents a national version of the international Conference of Youth (COY), which takes place immediately before the Conference of Parties (COP), the annual UN-Climate Change Conference.

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Youth Voice


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The LCOY Impact






Youth Engaged

Wow! Last year, a total of 85 LCOYs took place!

Check out if your country has organized one. View the Map!

If not, then you are welcome next year, to organise one, just fill out to apply with appropriate information when application window opens next time.​

Want to know, how to organize a LCOY? Please click the below button to find all the helpful info to organize a successful Local conference of Youth.

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Youth @ COY17 Egypt presents
Global Youth Statement 2022 

The Global Youth Statement synthesizes the collective demands of children and youth across the world, represented by YOUNGO, the official children and youth constituency of the UNFCCC, to global leaders to bring about decisive change at COP27.


It was formed from a consultation with young people from more than 149 countries and presented at the 17th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY17).

It comprises key policy demands across 15 themes, ranging from climate finance and energy to loss and damage and climate justice. Our collected and unified demands are integrated into our agendas, actions and commitments. We call for an inclusive approach to climate governance that acknowledges the disproportionate impact of the climate crisis on our communities and the need for systemic and radical action.

From heat waves across Europe to droughts across Africa and massive flooding in Asia, the past year of extreme weather events has served as a(nother) wake-up call for humanity. Global Youth urges political leaders to take heed, take charge, and take action.

We have no more time to lose.
Our future literally depends on it.

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